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Welcome to #ShredStrong! 💪

publishedover 1 year ago
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Welcome to the #ShredStrong team, Reader!

Thanks for joining and HUGE high fives to you! The program starts on Monday, October 11th, so I want to make sure you have everything you need to get started.

You need to do the following before Monday:

  1. Let me know if you want the barbell program or the bands+bodyweight-dumbbells program, by filling this short form out (ignore this if you already completed the "waitlist form" earlier).
  2. Sign the e-waiver here. (A link was already sent to you in the training app.)
  3. Join the Shred Strong Facebook group here. You can also join the Shift Human Performance FB group here if you want some more nutrition talk. 😉🥞
  4. I recommend having these items to make your workouts easier:
    1. Perform Better mini bands from Amazon ($17.95 - this is not an affiliate link).
    2. Thicker bands with handles and a door anchor ($69 - yes, you can find a cheaper set on Amazon, but many of them can break and are cheap for a reason - this is not an affiliate link). Or, get these bands for only $20; it's a smaller set of bands without a door anchor - your choice.
    3. Foam roller (yes, these work if you use them intentionally). I like this one, but use a cheaper one or whatever one you have.
    4. A lacrosse ball, tennis ball, softball, or any yoga mobility ball for working out knots (again, these work if you use them intentionally - I'll show you how).
  5. Check your email for my invitation to download the training app, Trainerize, if you're new to #ShredStrong. Set-up your account and explore the app a bit.
  6. Please watch this video that explains how to use the training app (it references the last launch, but it applies to this one as well).
  7. Get excited!

You will see the workouts in the app starting on Monday morning when you wake up. Monday will be a rest day of walking or doing something more relaxing after a busy weekend spent on two wheels, riding hard (and some of you are going to a wedding this weekend, ahem... whiskey, anyone? 😉), so you can ease into your week. Remember, you can move your workouts around on the calendar in the app to fit your schedule.

I can't wait to get started with you next week! If you have any questions, reply to this email.

Hugs + high fives,