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#ShredStrong Starts on Oct 11th + Free Webinar Replay 💥

publishedover 1 year ago
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Hi, Reader -

Thanks to those of you who joined me last week for Climb Clinic: A Webinar to Make You Unstoppable. It was great to see some new and familiar faces on Zoom! As promised, here is the replay for you to watch: click here.


At the end of the webinar, I chatted about the upcoming launch of #ShredStrong and answered any questions you all had. Here's a quick summary of what to expect in the program that starts on Monday, October 11th:

#ShredStrong is my signature strength program that is meant to take you through the entire winter season and beyond to prep you to be the strongest and most resilient biker.

It uses progressive overload without adding too much volume to your training, so you can still accumulate the miles on your bike (or skis, snowboard, or whatever you love to do outside of biking) without fatiguing or injuring yourself in the process.

Here are the details for #ShredStrong:

  • It's $49 a month and includes 3 strength workouts a week (with one of those being optional), a weekly bike interval session, and mobility flows to keep you feeling good and ready to ride year-round.
  • Your workouts are delivered in an easy-to-use app and includes instructions, demo videos, and the ability to message me with any questions you have. You can also track your workouts in the app, so you never have to guess what weight or resistance you used last week. you can also move the workouts around on your calendar to work with your schedule.
  • Every month, I'll breakdown a movement in more detail with my tutorials, so you walk away with more skill and confidence in the weight room. (I even have some signature movements I'm creating specifically for bikers to keep things relevant and exciting!)
  • Are you injured and unsure of what to scale or modify? No worries. You have access to me to answer any questions you may have, as well as a weekly video analysis of your movement to make you feel more confident in the gym.
  • Every 4-6 weeks, I'll host a private Zoom call to answer questions you have, as well as talk about various topics such as nutrition, mindset, racing, pelvic floor health - the list is endless and you get to vote on the topic in the Facebook group page.
  • This is the same program I follow, so I make it as good as I can every month. It brings PRs as well as makes you resilient to injury - you just need to show up.

If you're ready to be your strongest and most resilient rider, then join me by clicking the button below to pay for your first 4 weeks of training, cancel any time (or you can purchase 6 months at one time at a discounted rate of $39/month).

Sign up before the deadline of midnight on October 6th!

NOTE: If you are a current #ShredStrong client, please join using the links above - I am switching to a much more reliable and user-friendly payment system in 2022, and I'm starting early with the #ShredStrong program. 😃

I can't wait to see you on the list for #ShredStrong this fall - I'm so excited about our upcoming season! I hope you're getting outside to check out the changing leaves this week.

If you have any questions that I didn't answer above or in the webinar, reply to this email and I will help.

Hugs + high fives,


Let the countdown begin - don't miss it!